Company Description

 The PIER Group of Companies has a long and successful history in the industrial service and supply business. In 1947 the first PIER company was incorporated by Wilhelm Pier in Frankfurt Griesheim, Germany. Since 1961 the facilities are located in Hattersheim near Frankfurt Airport.

 In the 1960s process analytical equipment became one of the core business activities with own manufacturing and European packaging of American and Canadian Instruments. Since these days high customer commitment and excellent customer service were and still are the source of market acceptance and recognition.

 Since the early 1980s Wilhelm Pier GmbH and later Wilhelm Pier Process Analytical Services  were the German Analyzer System Integrator for Western Research, a well recognized Canadian company in analyzer manufacturing and sulphur recovery process optimization. In 1991 Western Research opened a European subsidiary, known as BOVAR GmbH, in the same Pier building in Hattersheim.  A lot of competence and experience in terms of process, application and analyzer knowledge was focused to serve the Sulphur Recovery Clients outside America. When BOVAR sold Western Research in 1998, this office was closed.

 To keep the core experience and service capabilities for the customers in the Refining, Chemical, Petro-Chemical, Coke Oven and other industries Pier Enterprises GmbH & Co. KG was founded as in 1998. The competence of its stuff especially in the Sulphur Recovery Processes and  process analyzers are offered to support the clients with absolute dedication.

 In cooperation with BRIMSTONE, now part of Galvanic Applied Sciences Inc., a Calgary, Canada based corporation, we manufacture state of the art UV-Spectrophotometers for the market outside America. These instruments unify modern technology and rugged packaging for easy use. Aside from our own production we have expanded our product range. This became possible by assuming representation for several Canadian Manufacturers. 

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